11th May, 2018

Traffic Management Centre


Traffic Management Centre


The Dublin Traffic Management and Incident Centre is a single control room in a secret location that handles traffic management for the Greater Dublin Area.
traffic management centre

Powered by about 300 CCTV cameras (an increasing) located across the city, the M50 and in neighbouring local authorities, this traffic management system uses sensors at traffic intersections to detect how many vehicles are in each lane, as well as the numbers of pedestrians.

Traffic lights can then be adjusted dynamically to respond to congestion. In the event of road traffic incidents, they can manually override automatic traffic lights to intervene and alleviate congestion.

The data generated is being used to develop and deploy new technologies to further automate and detect anomalies and black spots in the roads network.

The Traffic Management Centre works in cooperation with public transport service providers, An Garda Siochana, AA Roadwatch, and other stakeholders who can access the systems and disseminate the relevant information back to their people on the ground. This streamlines communications and allows for better management of incidents as they arise.

You can access traffic management communications through:

– Signage about roads and city car parks that is deployed across the city
– Freephone number 1800 29 39 49
– Twitter @DCCTraffic
– LiveDrive radio
– Website (click here)


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