Our Vision is Simple

The All Ireland Smart Cities Forum is a community of practice focused on the advancement of cities and communities in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The forum is made up of local authorities who have a wealth of knowledge.


Promoting advancement of cities and communities

The All Ireland Smart Cities Forum work collectively to promote the adoption of smart solutions for urban challenges.

Latest News


Cork City Council developing Regional Action Plan for INTENSIFY project

Cork City Council is a partner in the innovative INTENSIFY project which champions more carbon reduction through intense community engagement. The project addresses a key challenge for European cities and regions; how to energise citizens and communities to achieve more carbon reduction. The project recognises the urgency and scale of the challenge, “the targets are […]

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Cork’s organisations share state-of-the-art knowledge

  The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transition of cities and businesses. While working from home and distance learning have be­come a reality for millions of people, the limitations of digital preparedness and the lack of understanding of what certain technologies do, have been also revealed. Therefore, multiple partnerships led by Cork’s organisations have […]

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