12th June, 2020

Dublinked – Open Data Store


Dublinked – Open Data Store


Dublinked, the Open Data Portal for the Dublin Region, is an initiative by the four Dublin Local Authorities that enables citizens, researchers and businesses to reap the benefits of access to the region’s open data, in line with the National Open Data Strategy.

Open data is non-personal data, generated by public bodies which can be made accessible for reuse and redistribution. Smart Dublin supports council staff to identify and publish suitable datasets, promoting an open data culture within the Local Authorities.

Project Activities

Dublinked currently hosts almost 300 datasets from across the four Dublin Local Authorities. The datasets available provide information on a host of activities across the Region; from information about sculptures in public parks, to pedestrian footfall indices, to commercial lease registrars.

One of the most popular datasets, provided by the National Transport Authority, is the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) which has transformed the way Dubliners use public transport in recent years. RTPI data helps citizens to calculate the most efficient way to travel from A to B; by combining data from different modes of transport, the latest information on traffic delays and interruptions, and transport capacity.

In 2019, the first ever 3D Data Set was made available via Dublinked; a sophisticated 3D model of Dublin’s Docklands region. Working with developers across the district and also with geomatics company D3D, a highly accurate and detailed model (over 5km2) covering the wider docklands district was developed, which includes both existing and newly planned buildings. These types of models bring planning to life for citizens and communities through interactive VR/AR technologies


Developing an Open Data culture within the Local Authorities promotes transparency and accountability to citizens, while also developing data literacy amongst staff, supporting evidence-based decision making.

Open data generated by the Dublin Local Authorities and shared with the public can be used by businesses, technologists, app developers, researchers and entrepreneurs to develop valuable services for Dubliners and stimulate economic vibrancy.





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