7th July, 2020




Dublin South Dublin

The purchase of a new home is one of the most significant decisions in a person’s lifetime. South Dublin County Council’s MyDoorStep project is a digital information platform and walk in-service that provides buyers with all of the detail needed to make the most informed decision possible when purchasing a home.

Project Activities

Launched in 2018, the MyDoorStep initiative aimed at opening up the housing process for buyers ahead of the construction of 40,000 new homes in the county.

MyDoorStep combines information on current and planned housing developments in any location in the South Dublin County area with detail on childcare, education, health, recreation, retail and sporting facilities across the County.


MyDoorStep streamlines this information through one source and allows access online or at the Council’s headquarters, cutting out the potential multiple enquiries a prospective buyer would need to make at present. This initiative won the Best Connected Council award at the All-Ireland Community and Council Awards 2019.





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